Friday , June 5th 2020
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Find The Best Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair

While pets can be a welcome addition to any home and are often considered part of the family, the last thing you want to do is wear their hair to an office meeting or track it into places where other people might be allergic. Or perhaps even worse, someone in your household could be allergic to pet dander. That’s why it’s important that you find the best canister vacuum for pet hair if you have furry ones running around the house.

Getting the best vacuum for pet hair will allow you to scoop up all the dander and hair that causes allergies in people. This is essential if you have the in-laws coming, or perhaps your new significant other is moving in, and you don’t want to get rid of your cat. Whatever the case is, finding the best vacuum for pet hair will allow you to get rid of the hair, not the pet!

The Best Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair—What to Look For

vacuum on carpeted floor

Pet hair is tough to pick up

When you start to browse through catalogs or online sites such as Amazon (where you’ll get the lowest prices on the best canister vacuum for pet hair), there are a few things that you want to look for.

First, be sure to look for specific attachments that are made to root out the pet hair and dander that is embedded deep within carpeted surfaces. On hardwood floors, it’s easy to see pet hair and know when you got it all up. But on carpeting, pet hairs have a way of entangling themselves down inside the fibers of the carpet so that even when you think you’ve gotten it all up, you haven’t.

This is where special pet hair attachments for canister vacuums come into play. These attachments act as a deep-reaching comb that tears the pet hairs from their resting place while being gentle enough on the carpeting to leave it unscathed and intact. Most times, this pet hair cleaning attachment has rubber feet to ensure the sanctity and integrity of your carpet. If you don’t have this attachment and try just to keep vacuuming over the same spot, there’s a good chance you could damage your carpeting.

Other models will use a spinning brush approach to cleaning the pet hair from inside the carpet while others use special combs that “attract” the hair directly to it. Whatever the case is in the model you ultimately choose, keep in mind that this is the most important feature in a vacuum that cleans pet hair efficiently.

Next, look for filters that are approved by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. Since pet hairs are a source of asthma attacks for many people, filters which are approved to remove the asthma trigger points from the environment are essential. Typically these filters are called HEPA filters or charcoal filters.

Both of these types of filters are found in the best canister vacuum for pet hair and often work in tandem with a carbon filter which eliminates pet odors. By removing the pet odors from the air, the placebo effect for allergens is also removed (sometimes people only need smell a pet, and they will get an allergic reaction, even if the dander and hair are completely removed).

Finding The Best Prices on Vacuums for Pet Hair

So, if you need to clean your house without getting rid of that adorable little fuzzy member of your family, keep a canister vacuum that is made specifically for pet hair handy at all times. The best prices are easy.  They’re on Amazon.

Miele Canister Vacuum – Best Vacuum Ever?

Since 1927, Miele vacuum cleaners have been providing households with the cleaning power, durability and affordability that people deserve. The Miele canister vacuum cleaner is instantly identifiable by its stylish and unique design, bringing character to an industry that is normally drib and drab.

The Miele canister vacuum design team pays careful attention to every curve, angle and line in order to ensure that the only thing outperforming the unit’s aesthetic look is its functionality.

Because the Miele vacuum has been around for so long, the company has had decades upon decades to explore the different needs of their customers. What’s resulted is a line that is so extensive, it’d be hard to go into detail on each and every model. So let’s just say, that if you have a surface that needs cleaning, no matter what it is or how hard it is to reach, Miele makes a model that is exactly perfect for your specific needs.

Looking Extensively at the Miele Canister Vacuum

The skillful craftsmanship of the Miele designers provides you with a unit that is easy to operate, effortless to move and exceptional in its cleaning efficiency. Every last detail has been refined to provide you with the ultimate comfort while cleaning.

For instance, the handle has been ergonomically designed to sit naturally in the hand, meaning less fatigue and cramping. Plus, on some Miele vacuum models, the handle has a +/- button that lets you adjust the power level much like you would on a car that has buttons built into the steering wheel. No more bending over and stretching your back to adjust the suction!

But that’s not the only feature that’s saving you from a backache. Anyone who has vacuumed for any stretch of time knows that it can be a real pain in the…back. That’s why many Miele canister vacuum models come with telescopic adjustment capabilities which allow the length of the cleaning wand to be customized to each individual user. No more stretching, bending and reaching; now you have a made-to-size vacuum that suits your body perfectly.

Now if you really want to eliminate all kinds of thinking and stress from vacuuming, Miele takes the vacuum one step closer to the future: it has automated the power level selection. When you click on the automatic setting, the vacuum self-adjusts to the floor surface type that is being cleaned. There’s nothing really for you to do except move the vacuum around the space to be cleaned. No more guesswork, the vacuum adjusts power levels for you!

And if you do have to do some specialized cleaning on surfaces, most Miele vacuum cleaner units come with cleaning tools that meticulously take care of any floor in your home, be it classic hardwoods, textured twists, cut-pile carpeting or sealed laminate flooring; Miele makes a tool for you.

Plus, each and every Miele vacuum is known for how quietly they operate, but certain models come with a “silencer” setting that allows you to keep cleaning while you talk on the phone. And if you need to “park” your cleaning tools, most of the models Miele makes come with special on-board parking systems that allow you to carry your unit up and down stairs with one hand, talk on the phone or do any other number of tasks.

In this multi-tasking world, Miele is one of the only companies that have advanced with the times—and beyond them!

Getting The Lowest Price on a Miele Canister Vacuum

So, if you’re ready to take your cleaning to the next level of power, ease and reliability, it’s time for you to choose a Miele.  The best prices are easy.  They’re on Amazon.