Saturday , March 28th 2020
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3 Great Shark Vacuums

When shopping for a vacuum, there are many things that you need to keep in mind. You need to know how much floor space you want to cover. How much dirt, dust, hair, and other things will you be pulling off your floors? Do you need something special that works great on pet hair? Does it need to be able to maneuver around a lot of objects or will something more standard work for you? Do you need all the fancy attachments to clean your curtains and furniture? What kind of floors are you using it on? What’s your price range? Well, no matter what you need, Shark has a vacuum that can take care of you and your home.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away

Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuumThe Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum was designed with the average household needs in mind. It is an upright vacuum with a detachable canister for portable cleaning. With the simple press of a button, the canister can be removed and used in all kinds of hard to reach areas in your home. This makes it easier to take care of stairs, under furniture, in corners, and all sorts of other places where dirt and dust like to hide.

This vacuum has many special features to it including Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology® and a HEPA filter that works to help keep the air in your home safer and cleaner by trapping dust and allergens inside of the vacuum and not releasing them into the air you and your family breath. The HEPA filter doesn’t need to be changed as often as many other comparable vacuums in other brands, so you also get more for your money.

The brush roll shutoff allows you to get not only an amazing deep cleaning on all your carpets but also allows you to effortlessly take care of all your hard floor services like wood and vinyl. It’s very easy to adjust from one-floor type to the other, so you don’t need many different items to clean the floors of your house. This vacuum takes several things you have hanging around and combines them in one easy to use machine.

The swivel control of the machine not only makes it simple to maneuver around your home but also make it easy for anyone to use. Even people with wrist and joint problems have an easier time using the Shark Navigator Lift-Away because it’s so easy to push and get around objects and furniture you have around your home.

The downside to this vacuum is that it is a bit on the larger side, so it will take up a little storage room. If you are used to the size of a conventional vacuum, then this won’t cause you much worry. It has all the regular attachments that you are used to with a vacuum, and there are other attachments that you can get separately to take care of other jobs for you.

Shark Navigator Freestyle

Shark Navigator Freestyle vacuumIt’s sleek. It’s cordless. It’s convenient. Those are the three best things about the Freestyle.

It’s very portable and easy to maneuver, weighing only 7 1/2 pounds. It slides around all the corners and under furniture with ease where are many other vacuums may cause you a lot of problems. Its thin design makes it the perfect vacuum for small house as it will sit up in a corner or even be stashed away with your other cleaning implements. The canister holds a lot and is very easy to open, dump, and replace. It is no more hassling with this common problem with vacuums!

The cordless features make this a great vacuum for a house where you are always twisting and turning around things. You don’t have to worry about unplugging, losing power, or stopping every minute or so to readjust things. You can just pick it up, turn it on, and get going. For those who have to complete their housework quickly, this is an optimal choice.

The Freestyle also offers two-speed brush control. This makes it excellent for both hardwood floors, vinyl flooring, and all types of carpets. You can also adjust from each setting easily, so going from hardwood to thick carpet isn’t an extra pain for you. It’s a simple flick of a switch, and you are on your way.

The only downside is that since it is cordless, it has a battery with a limited life. For some people, remember to charge this thing could be an issue. There is nothing worse than needing to vacuum something up, and the battery be dead. The battery life, however, is pretty impressive for a vacuum with its power, so as long as you can remember to charge it, you should be just fine.

Shark Navigator Deluxe

Shark Navigator Deluxe vacuumIt’s the perfect vacuum for every family, no matter the size and no matter the floor types. This vacuum does everything that you need it to and then some. Not only will it take care of your floors, both hard and soft, but it also includes attachments that will help you clean your furniture, curtains, and other hard to reach places. It’s lightweight as well, so you won’t have issues trying to get it to reach those places either.

It has a special pet hair pick up system that will help you rid your furniture, carpets, and other surfaces of those pesky hairs that never want to let loose. Whether you have cats, dogs, or other critters around the house, the Navigator Deluxe is the perfect system to make sure everything stays clean and practically free of any pet dander.

The canister is easy to empty and has a large capacity so you can clean longer without any interruptions and like with most Shark vacuums it has a brush shut off to make transferring from floor types simple and convenient. It’s also not as loud as other vacuums, so you aren’t interrupting anyone else in the house by taking care of your cleaning needs. No more waking people from their sleep or interrupting phone calls.

This vacuum is also a great size for storing away. It won’t take up much room in your cleaning closet. The downside is the price. It’s more expensive than your standard vacuums like it. However, if you need a vacuum that is going to handle all your needs and you don’t want to spend money on something that does more than vacuuming, then this is your machine. You don’t have bags, filters, or other hassles like that to worry about. It’s dependable and will serve your needs for many years to come.